Offshore wind can provide clean energy at the scale we need to curb the climate crisis.  The wind resource off the Atlantic coast is four times greater than our entire electric power demand today. Developing this clean energy resource would allow Virginia and the U.S. to quickly meet carbon reduction goals while creating thousands of new jobs and business opportunities.

That is why one of the Virginia Chapter Sierra Club’s priority goals is to support the prompt development of Virginia’s vast offshore wind resources so as to boost our economy, create good, green jobs and power our homes and businesses with clean renewable energy.

To that end, we have developed this site – VA4Wind.com- as an online hub for educating and engaging all stakeholders in Virginia’s offshore wind development.

Together we’ll build the massive public support necessary to prompt Federal and state government officials and regulators to move as aggressively as possible in developing Virginia’s offshore wind resources.  Together we’ll build the business support that prompts investment in developing Virginia’s offshore wind industry.  Together we’ll build a clean energy future that sustains our communities and confronts the crisis we face with climate change.


For more information, contact:

Eileen Levandoski, Offshore Energy Program Director, eileen.levandoski@sierraclub.org, 757-277-8537

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